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1940 Ford Tudor Sedan1940 Ford Tudor Sedan

Asking For: $12,500

1940 tudor secan

This vehicle is a 1940 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan running/driving project car.  This project was started in
1974 by a high school classmate.  A 1959 9" rear was installed using leafsprings.  Front end of this car is 
all original. Motor and tranny are installed correctly, and look good sitting in there.  In 1974 he first installed a 351 Windsor motor, then in 1998 this was pulled out and a freshly rebuilt 302/C-4 was installed. 
There are less than 1,000 miles on this motor and tranny. This car runs great and is driveable.  Front
and rear glass have been replaced using new rubber gaskets.  All side glass is still needed, but patterns
are there.  There is some grill damage and should you want to replace this, there are aftermarket remanu-
factured grills readily available.  I do have nice original Ford Deluxe emblems for each side that are not
currently on the vehicle but will be included.  This vehicle was repainted 20 years ago, but stills shines
and looks good from 20 feet away.  Wheels are 1970's ET wheels.  Floors are very solid.  When this
vehicle was repainted there was no exterior rust.  The trunk has some rust in the floor area where the
spare tire was mounted.  Motor runs like a new motor.  I do not have original interior but do have contacts
I will pass along to you that do have interiors available. 

Call Jeff at 218-464-2821 or Ryan at 218-234-1866
with any questions